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Welcome to the Novice Bird. I live in the great state of New Jersey in the United States. To be more exact I live in Ocean County near the bay. The birds and photos featured here will be only birds I have seen. If I feature a photo that I did not take I will do my best to credit the source. I am an amateur birder and I use the pictures to help me ID so I wouldn't even call my self an amateur photograher. I just look forward to watching my sightings list grow.

I welcome questions or corrections on any birds I id, just please be kind, I am here to learn and share.
Thanks, The Novice Bird

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Well it is called the Duck Pond, so here you go.

The first is a female American Black Duck. You can tell because the bill is greenish and the head is dark, almost grey unlike a mallard which had an orange bill and lighter brown head.

Then Canada geese, they probably thought I was going to feed them, that’s why they were rushing over.

The black with the white chest is a Swedish Black duck

The red faced one is a Muscovy Duck.

The big white one is probably a Pekin duck. It is a very common domestic duck.

Ocean Gate Duck Pond 7/13/13


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